Janet Louise Stephenson

Janet-Louise-StephensonJanet was raised a devout Mormon and spent most of her life asking questions that couldn’t be answered within that religion. She knows intimately of the courage required to explore ideas, beliefs, and possibilities that exist outside of the framework established in childhood. Janet has spent many years questioning every concept she was ever taught, exploring her own thoughts and beliefs, coming to new levels of understanding, while ever growing and reconciling.

In a never-ending quest for more knowledge, Janet has studied a broad spectrum of topics covering everything from ancient spirituality and world religions to quantum physics and alternative medicine, and quite a bit in between! She has also dabbled in a wide variety of healing modalities, eventually developing her own unique approach to energy work and healing.

Through many hours of meditation and study, Janet gradually came to embrace her intuitive gifts and healing abilities. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of her journey has been overcoming her own fears — of judgment and of worthiness. Stepping forward into our full potential can be scary and overwhelming at times, yet Janet is boldly following her intuitive nudges in the hopes that her personal journey will inspire and motivate others to listen to their inner knowing as well.

Janet believes that each of us has the ability to tap into inner wisdom, intuition, and unlock the ability to find direction in our own lives. The key is learning to let go of the thoughts that limit us and start trusting ourselves. She is committed to assisting others along their journey of self-discovery. To facilitate this, Janet offers healing, guidance and inspiration as the Butterfly Maiden.

As an accomplished astrologer, gifted healer, motivational teacher and speaker, Janet considers herself to be an “Empoweress.” She enjoys being a mother to three amazing children who are the motivation for her soon-to-be released book, Parenting Old Souls.

Janet is currently involved with several projects that are very close to her heart. She serves as the Director of the Love and Light Network, an organization dedicated to educating and empowering others. Janet is also a GeoTeam Coordinator for the Children of the Sun humanitarian foundation.

In her spare time, Janet enjoys making jewelry, hiking and photography.

Janet Louise Stephenson

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