Neighbor from Hell

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neighbor from hellFrom all appearances, this woman seems to have psychological issues. But could there be something else going on here? See Video.


Many times when I see a piece of human drama, I wonder what the bigger picture looks like.

For instance, with regard to this video, it would be simple to say that one lady seems to have lost her mind and the other side in this drama is doing what they need to do, protect themselves and their property. Beyond that however, doesn’t it seem odd that a woman with a nice home and a good job who is seemingly normal in other ways, would act this way at all, much less for such an extended time?

On the surface, she just seems crazy. A lot of people might look at this at think, there’s nothing much going on here, just one person acting out of control. But to quote a line from the movie, Peaceful Warrior, “There’s never nothing going on.” Is it possible there is much more going on than can be seen by human eyes?

Could the woman who is verbally attacking the other have an agreement on a soul level that all parties on the human level are unaware of?

Could the attacker have agreed on some level to keep the other woman from becoming an alcoholic in this lifetime and it has gone too far?

Could these parties have been at odds with each other in a previous lifetime and wanted set up a situation where they might be able to resolve these soul issues in this lifetime but are still not able to work past those differences?

It’s very unlikely that any of us would be privy to that information because most likely it is none of our business. The parties involved, however, could ask these questions or simply ask to be shown what this particular dance is all about and see what floats in.

Just one more example of daily drama that could use a view from the short wall.

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