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sherry-bahktian-life-coachSelf-awareness is a gift not many of us offer ourselves. As an educated bi-cultural person who just happens to be of the high achieving variety, I never paid attention to my degree of satisfaction with life. It was always about doing stuff and moving forward and upward at any cost. I thought I had to push and if you didn’t push, you got pushed, or worse yet, ignored.

It took several ripples in my experience of life to stop me in my tracks to push the pause button. I stayed in what seemed like the pause mode for a while (much longer that I ever thought I would). I had to be undone before I could weave a different pattern, and that was the hardest part.

Today, I am weaving my new tapestry, one which I am a conscious creator of. I’ve chosen the threads, the colors, the design and I am fully aware of my creation and all aspects of it. I love my creation. I also love teaching others how to create their own creations. I help people decide if they want to push their own pause buttons and I stay with them, assuring them that they will come out of it more whole and complete than when they went in.

Examples are powerful tools for people who like to know what they are getting themselves into. I like to think of myself as an example of the one who has done it before them. That’s my role in their journey.

After talking to many other bi-cultural high-achievers, I realized that I belong to a special tribe. What’s wonderful about our tribe is the openness with which we have embraced our new or second culture. The bi-cultural nature of our experience has provided us with opportunities to create new belief systems and ways of being. The bad news is: because we have created or adopted new belief systems and they have worked for us for the most part, we are reluctant to give them up.

Life is always providing opportunities for detachment and somehow we either avoid them or interpret them as a punishment, tragic accident, negative transition, betrayal, etc. I like to think of them as opportunities to unravel outdated belief systems.

It is also about how I view the work that I do. It has always been a challenge explaining what I do in a “coaching” session. Finally, after much internal deliberation, I’ve decided that the best way to explain what I do is: to create the appropriate space and facilitate the conversations that most of us are afraid to have. It’s about turning things on their heads so you can see a different perspective. It’s about engaging in life in a completely different way.

If you are a high-achieving, educated, bi-cultural person interested in being the conscious creator of your life, but not sure how to do it, contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to determine if I can be of service to you.

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