Stripped Down To The Core

Stripped Down To The CoreA guide for professional bicultural women seeking to live an authentic life

By Sherry Bakhtian, Ph.D., ACC

Written for bicultural professional women by a bicultural professional woman and spiritual life coach who learned the hard way how to let go, Stripped Down to the Core serves its niche audience well. The purpose of this book is to guide professional women — particularly those who have multicultural influences — through crucial life transitions by providing easy-to-use tools, a fresh perspective and support on their unique journeys.

Why such a niche focus? Although many of the principles in the the book can apply to virtually anyone, the book was written specifically for high-achieving women who are defined by their accomplishments. They often need some assistance with letting go and moving on, because they’re afraid to release behaviors and emotional responses that do not serve them anymore, because of fear of losing a sense of self and a well-crafted image they portray to the world. This guide demonstrates how to let go of these old habits and clear the path to find their authentic selves.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Who Are They, These Amazing Warriors?
Chapter Two: What Happened?
Chapter Three: Self-Awareness/Self-Observation
Chapter Four: Core Values
Chapter Five: Big Picture Perspective
Chapter Six: Belief Systems
Chapter Seven: Obstacles
Chapter Eight: Choice
Chapter Nine: In It, But Not Of It
Chapter Ten: Putting It All Together

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