The Guide To Questioning Everything

GTQEmedBy David P. Schloss

Who Do You Think You Are?

Have you ever wondered who you truly are and why you’re on earth at this time? Do you think there’s more to you and the world around you than just what you can see? Is your life the way you want it or do you sometimes feel like something’s holding you back? Have you ever really searched for what’s blocking you and come up empty?

Many people spend their entire lives fighting against invisible barriers that keep them from what they desire and believe there’s nothing they can do about it. But I believe there are reasons for everything that happens in our lives. More importantly, I think it’s possible for us to understand those reasons. Once we do, they can guide us in creating the lives we really want.

Questions are the answer to finding out what stands in the way of the lives we want. The Guide To Questioning Everything provides many of those questions, which can help reveal answers from the only real place they exist, inside of you.

Key concepts from the book:

What we believe creates our reality.

We all have beliefs that aren’t necessarily our own; they come from our parents, teachers, the media and other influences.

Questioning our beliefs leads to understanding our previously hidden innate abilities.

We have infinite ability to create anything we want for ourselves, but we have to understand how to move beyond the unseen influences and old beliefs that hold us back.


Table of Contents

Chapter One: Meeting Your Programmers

Chapter Two: Grinding To A Halt

Chapter Three: Awakening

Chapter Four: Who’s In Charge Here?

Chapter Five: Disconnecting From Three Dimensional Reality

Chapter Six: Releasing Blockages

Chapter Seven: Creating Reality

Chapter Eight: Non-Linear Results


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