The Science of Oneness

science-of-onenessThe Science of Oneness
A worldview for the twenty-first century

By Malcolm Hollick, PhD

In order to deal with the challenges facing our civilization, we need a new worldview that integrates the scientific and spiritual understandings of reality. This book takes a fresh look at the findings of modern science, questioning many of its accepted ‘truths’. Weaving these scientific insights together with those of various spiritual traditions and diverse cultures, it outlines the philosophy and methods of a new Science of Oneness. This seeks to balance openness to all sources of knowledge with critical evaluation of their reliability.

The Science of Oneness presents a scientifically valid vision of reality as conscious, creative, loving and purposeful. It offers activities, guided meditations and thought-provoking questions and quotations to stimulate intuitive as well as intellectual understanding. It provides a coherent worldview for everyone searching for meaning, and challenges us all to help guide the evolution of humanity and the Earth in positive directions.

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