Malcolm Hollick, Ph.D

MalcolmHollickA tongue-in-cheek definition of an expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until he or she knows everything about nothing. Conversely, I often describe myself as a generalist who knows less and less about more and more until I know nothing about everything! Seriously though, that breadth of interests provides a solid platform from which to view ‘truth’ from different angles – albeit far less than 360 degrees.

For 25 years I was on faculty of The University of Western Australia. During those years, I contributed to several fields of study: water harvesting, integration of land and water management, environmental law, environmental impact assessment, inter-disciplinary evaluation of development projects, peace studies, appropriate technology, and more. Highlights of my academic career included coordination of a new degree in Environmental Engineering and establishment of an innovative Centre for Peace Studies. Outside academe, I ran a small rural property with my family, helped set up the Australian Transpersonal Institute, and undertook a year-long course of experiential personal development.

Fifteen years ago, I left the university and moved with my partner, Christine Connelly, to the world-renowned spiritual community and ecovillage at Findhorn in Scotland. During our 12 years there, I had the joy of working full-time in the garden for a year; helped set up a new community association; and was founding Principal of Findhorn Foundation College – a holistic tertiary education organization that blends intellectual and experiential learning. Also in that time, I wrote two books: The Science of Oneness and (with Christine) Hope for Humanity.

In 2010, we left Findhorn to return to Australia. Given the world situation, we wanted to be closer to family and reduce our carbon footprint due to flying around the planet. Since settling in Hobart, Tasmania, we have established our website, and a monthly meditation and sharing with people who have been to or are interested in Findhorn. We are contributing to a wholefoods coop, an association working to found an ecovillage in Tasmania, the Pachamama Alliance’s Changing the Dream symposium, an evolving Centre for Transition whose aim is to foster resilience as we move towards a warmer world with declining cheap energy sources. On a more personal note, I have begun to share my nature photography as a way to encourage a deeper connection with nature.

New opportunities, such as writing for Questioning the Truth keep arising, and there is little danger that “retirement” will become boring! If you’d like to know more about me, there’s a longer bio here.

Malcolm Hollick, MA, PhD
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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Web site: Human Solutions

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Malcolm’s Books:

The Science of Oneness by Malcolm Hollick

Hope For Humanity by Malcolm Hollick and Christine Connelly